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Embrace the YOLO - RC Day Two

Note to self, day two of RC.

🧠 Do you 🧠

  • learn Elm so you can write your own todo-list application so you can get your life back on track?
  • learn C++ so you can write your own synthesizer because you want to make electronic music?
  • design your own programming language to create dynamic webpages because you want to write your own blog?
  • ultimately feel regret because you end up learning a lot, but never finish the thing you set out to actually do?

🚨 Embrace the YOLO 🚨

Close your eyes, pinch your nose, brace yourself!

Write the todo-list application in Javascript instead.

🌶 Embrace the YOLO 🌶

Embrace mediocrity, expect failure, reject consequences!

Buy a squeaky toy and record weird noises with your phone. Add an echo effect, upload it to Youtube, and call yourself "DJ Snoopy The Third".

🍕 Embrace the YOLO 🍕

Do the easy thing, do it badly, do it again, just as badly!

Write HTML with notepad.exe, and who needs Javascript when you have the <blink> tag?

🥁 Embrace the YOLO 🥁

Challenge others to do the thing you care about. Competition is prime motivation for getting things done. Noone wants to look weak.

🥊 Embrace the YOLO 🥊

Do things with friends. Chances are they secretly want to embrace the YOLO too. Companionship catalyzes the YOLO.

🎁 You will 🎁

  • create memories that will last forever.
  • regret many things in the moment, but cherish them later on.
  • forget about your failures, but remember your wins.
  • treasure the friends you made along the way.

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