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oMG i CaN WRiTe WHaTeVeR i WaNT WHeNeVeR i WaNT

a black and white AI drawing of a tower made out of computers or some weird something, on a black background, with something resembling butterflies flying around it

Stumbling across my old blog today, as well as reading The Memex Method by Cory Doctorow (which he posted when asked on Mastodon how he manages to write so much) gave me the stark realization that if it weren't for the web archive and my blog-driven need to write back then, I would have no tangible memories of my twenties.

Scrolling through the entries reminded me of countless projects I forgot about, my first forays into electronics, into electronic music, the movies I watched and the books I read. I'm sure I cared less at the time about what other people thought of me, but even if it'd be easy to forgive me for my youthful naivety, most of what I wrote holds up pretty well (to me, of course...).

I'm currently undergoing a process of rediscovering how I want to create software and nothing keeps me from applying the same concepts to my blog. There is no rule to follow, no audience to capture, no need to read "10 best guidelines for writing a blog." There is no reason I shouldn't write 3 blog posts in a day and then none for weeks. There is no reason I shouldn't write a carefully researched technical post and then a post that consists of UPPERCASE APHORISMS. If people get thrown off by that, they aren't in the right place anyway.

What this means is that I will from now on move a lot of the writing I do in my Obsidian vault (my journal, my Zettelkasten, my Wiki, my everything related to writing trashbin) straight onto my blog. I will edit a bit here and there, and maybe even a lot when I feel like it. Some will be about the intricacies of go, some will be general thoughts about my ethical dilemmas, and some will just be me raving about some detail in a video-game. Oh, and a lot about large language models and diffusion models. A LOT.

I haven't written in a while, so prepare for an onslaught of hastily written posts. I have a lot to get off my chest.

(image midjourney prompt: psychedelic computer tower, tower made out of phantasmagoric heads, cubic fractals, a black and white picture of a terrifying tower of computers, with vultures flying around, cinematic landscape, pen and ink brush drawing, phantasmagoric mainframes, dark tower, black and white ink drawing by moebius, horror ink drawing by junji ito, trending on artstation, extremely detailed, black background, night scene, 4k)